Murkekow Vector
Full Name Murkekow M. Faretrenarsl
First Appearance 1990
Species Humanoid
Relatives Lookeecby, Mawiidoh, Laigy, Lurkekow, Orlob, Murkeko, Murkrlobkeko and Weegkow
Latest Appearance 2014

Murkekow (Japanese: ムルケコウ, Murukekou) is the second mascot for Mitten Kitten Studios and primary to this wiki. He has the power to corrupt everything and anything he wants. His brother Lookeecby that works with him to kill all Fakerkekows and go on adventures. He tends to eat Spaghetti, Toast and Bagels which can give him certain powers. He is friends with Bakekow and his nephews are Mordo and Meenaleegee, his sons are Mawiidoh and Laigy and his sister is Pransah Pweiach.


  • He is often confused with Murkekow Clones, who look similar to his Smawl forms.
  • He is considered the president of the United Bagel County because he always stops Sigma's evil tricks and scams, however he is NOT the president of the UBC.
  • His name was inspired by a typo seen in a unreleased "joke" hack from 2009.
  • The series is over, go home.


Murkekow Coin

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